Distinctive color palette and crafted details. Casual, unique and responding to the market. Retail success. Staggered delivery, four seasonal collections and overall retail. At the heart of the brand is the NILE studio, where four collections are conceived and created every year. Leadership of the design team has been in the hands of Edith Hansmann since the firm’s beginnings in 1983.

The brand’s distinctive style has distinguished the NILE Clothing AG family business for more than 30 years. In wholesale and retail, holistic thinking and independent design have defined the way to marketable collections and contemporary retail concepts. The unmistakable signature of the NILE collection is also present in its business processes – always with a pioneering spirit in a solid framework.

In 2015 Marc Willy and Kevin Willy acquired the majority of shares in the NILE Clothing AG and lead the company as Co-CEOs. They have been working for seven years hand in hand with Markus Gygax, founder of the NILE Clothing AG. The brothers and sisters Sabine Gygax and Markus Gygax are still members of the managing board. Sabine Gygax is CEO of the family-owned retail company Pluvina AG, managing the NILE stores in Switzerland.

The company is definitively Swiss and draws inspiration from everyday life and values in Switzerland – for a lifestyle that is at home all around the world.