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Distinctive color palette and crafted details. Casual, unique and responding to the market. Retail success. Staggered delivery, four seasonal collections and overall retail. At the heart of the brand is the NILE studio, where four collections are conceived and created every year. Leadership of the design team has been in the hands of Edith Hansmann […]

In September 2009 the 24colours GmbH was founded in Berlin. 24colours is a young fashion label with over twenty stores in Germany and online shop. The shops continue to grow. Our philosophy is to design affordable fashion for young women. The young design team creates custom tops , dresses , skirts , pants , jeans and blazers . The fashion is inspired by the Berlin street style. The special thing about our fashion is […]

XPOOOS took its first steps in 2014. As a spin-off from a renowned hosiery fashion house, it soon gained a firm foothold thanks to the tradition of sock conception, craftsmanship and creation that it had inherited from its parent. But XPOOOS is an independent brand. And like many a child is developing its own unique […]

Mismash is a 5 years old brand, with a new soul.. A new (women) team, is creating and renovating the new image of the brand, leaded by the talented and experienced CEO of the Smash Company, Philippe Bach Mismash belong to Smash! Group, a design, distribution and retail company for woman’s wear and accessories. Born […]

The essence of the Dutch label Poools is feminine and powerful. This mix will be translated in design, comfort, quality and fitting. Such as feminine and tough styling with eye on detail, comfortable materials, a good price-quality ratio, and a fit that perfectly suits the mature. For modern women of all ages. The Poools woman […]

Anotherwoman is a ladies brand from the Netherlands. You can purcahse this brand in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada and Greece. This company excist since 1947 and is specialized in woman´s clothing. We have 2 collections a year. Every delivery has it´s own colour card and fashion theme. In every collection you can find some […]

The brand Blue Seven has inspired customers with top quality at fair prices for more than 40 years, and is one of the most successful providers on the international clothing market. Blue Seven is a label by the company H. Obermeyer GmbH & Co. KG., a firm that successfully combines innovation and creativity with family […]

Mamatayoe has never lost its spirit, it’s a cheerful brand which reflects different cultures and their environment, a well-balanced mixture between the history and nature, home environment and world landscape, colourful and originality. Imagine a majestic mansion in which the time stopped in its maximum splendour, decades of abandonment invaded by the nature. Climbing plants […]

Duukies Beachsocks are the perfect replacement for the old-fashioned watershoes. They protect too hot sand, sharp stones and shells, feel soft, easily to slip on and dry quickly. The rubber sole is anti-slip and they are UV50 protected. Duukies Beachsocks are sold in Canada and available in size 2/21 up to 38/39 for kids and […]